Iowa's Homelessness Assistance Programs at Work

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“In April of 2010, I was homeless, living out of a borrowed car with nowhere to go. My agency found me a place to live, assisted me financially to get into my apartment and supplied me with furniture. I was able to get a new job, thanks to their referral, and within a month I was hired on full-time. I could not have done that without the help given to me by my agency.”

Upper Des Moines Opportunities
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Mr. J is a 56-year-old man who was laid off after a few months at his new job, and he didn’t have enough recent work credits to qualify for unemployment benefits. After his doctor referred him to Iowa Legal Aid, he was referred to emergency rent assistance to prevent him from becoming homeless. Mr. J was able to remain in his home and the agency assisted him in finding a job. Mr. J now has a job and has moved into an affordable apartment for seniors.

Council Bluffs, Iowa
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“I was given three days to vacate my house and I had nowhere else to go. By 11:30 that same morning, I had met with a landlord and been approved for assistance. Without this assistance, I dread where I could have possibly been today. I was able to pay all of my bills, without assistance, and I start a new full-time job this week—a first for me in over a year.”

Red Rock Area Community Action Program